I can’t say enough about the positive treatment I received from Grace Rehabilitation Center of Vero Beach. In November 2010 I had a total hip replacement (the first time for any surgery much less rehabilitation) and I was scared. My decision to spend 10 days at Grace Rehab truly made a difference in my recovery. From the time they picked me up at the hospital and took me to my suite my experience was extraordinary. The Grace Rehab team consists of the most professional, compassionate and sensitive healthcare providers that I have ever met. It is because of them that I am walking, bending and stooping today without pain. My suite was always kept immaculate. Nurses, therapists and staff always prompt and kind, meals served on time and tasty, and their administrative staff cared enough to check on me and my progress every day. Anything I needed they were there for me. Now I have to have my other hip replaced and have already made my reservation for a suite at GRACE REHAB!  I need a bumper sticker that says, "I LOVE GRACE REHAB of VERO BEACH."
It’s excellent care given by the nurses. Every nurse has been just wonderful. There are two that I am very happy to see, Jennifer and Linda. Dana, Tony, and all the therapists have been wonderful. I feel they are experts at what they do. I could not have had a better therapist in Tony. Of anybody here I have to say Lee is a 10+. He is helpful, always, always, pleasant, and a very fine person. I was impressed by him the first time I met him.
OUTSTANDING CARE AT GRACE REHABILITATION CENTER OF VERO BEACH. Our family would like to take this opportunity to thank the entire staff at Grace Rehabilitation Center of Vero Beach for the dedication and exceptional level of care given to our mother over the past 3+ years. We are extremely grateful to the dedicated team who cared for our mother on a daily basis. We know from firsthand experience that our mother was cared for and devotion was shown by everyone. All of the staff made such a difference to her quality of life. No matter who was on duty regardless of time, day or night, we know she received the same high quality of care and for this we are ever thankful. We observed the professionalism and total dedication of each and every member of the team and how well our mother was treated with love and respect. Our mother called Vero “home” and felt the love and respect from all of her caregivers. She loved and cared for the people there and considered them family. We will never forget the attentive support given to our mother and it will forever be in our hearts.
Sandy, daughter of former resident

Your candlelight event was truly remarkable. The hors d’oeuvres and dinner were spectacular. The staff was delightful and the atmosphere happy and uplifting. This was an event where wonderful memories were made. Thank you!
Honey & Dave
When I first picked up this [CLASS Acts recognition] card and read it, I thought ‘Oh yeah right, pick out an employee with those attributes.’ It just happens to describe the whole place and ALL the employees. Where do I start, from the little ‘bouncy’, sweet, full of personality Heather to Allen, who not only keeps the floors clean enough to eat off of, but is as sweet as any man could be. The wonderful, competent nurses, aides, and I could go on and on. But, then, I looked at it again… Compassion, Leadership, Attitude, Safety, Service. Here is my nominee…Kano Brown…When my husband was first admitted to Vero he was almost comatose; he had no clue of his surroundings or who he was. He was put on a mechanical diet for fear of choking and thickened liquids. He was dining in the room where they needed assistance eating. I was always there so I could (try) to feed him. One day Kano was sitting across the room. He was assisting two other patients, but I would look up and noticed him observing us. When he was finished, he came over and asked if I would like him to try. I said, ‘Yes, thank you,’ and thought to myself, ‘yeah, lots of luck with that.’ Kano talked very quiet and gently to my husband prodding gently with, ‘Mr. Ken you need to eat to get strong.’ Every once in a while he would lean over and quietly say something directly in his ear. As Kano spoke to him he spoon fed him his liquids. My husband completed two full glasses, for him of ‘much needed nourishment.’ I said, ‘How did you do that?’ He looked at me with that beautiful winning smile of his and quietly said, ‘With love, Mrs. T. With love from my heart.’ I was awestruck and completely taken with Kano from that time on.
Mrs. T, wife of former resident
Following emergency major abdominal surgery at SRMC in Sebastian, Grace Rehabilitation was recommended for follow-up recovery. I was transported directly from the hospital to Grace for a four-week rest and rehabilitation. I had made the decision that recovery was not only possible, but was a challenge to overcome. The care staff was competent and the physical rehabilitation team was more than exceptional. Fully qualified associates, trainers and a doctor of physical rehabilitation provided an opportunity not only for recovery, but for greater strength than I had before the surgery. Four weeks of inpatient care followed by eight weeks of outpatient care at related Renaissance Assisted Living brought both the recovery and instruction on keeping fit for continued independent living.
I’m ending my fourth stay at Vero. I plan on coming back just to visit. I miss all the hugs and kisses from the nurses, the gals and guys in blue, and the cleaning and kitchen staff. Where did you find all these fantastic people? From now on I’ll call this Graceland.
I work in healthcare case management and know a post hospital care facility should be chosen based on many factors: physician orders/input, support system proximity, regulatory agency reports, and facility tours. I chose Vero Beach and received excellent/compassionate care from staff consistently going the "extra mile."